We do what others can’t!

missionalOur mission is to equip, train, encourage and inspire professional and volunteer workers in the body of Christ for impacting ministry.

We do what others can’t – Train all your ministries in ONE convention!

Christian Ministries Training Association CMTA one of the largest Christian Education Conventions in the Nation, it is a major event with about 130 workshops conducted by experts in their fields. There are workshops available for virtually everyone involved in local church ministry.

The Resource Center has the largest exhibit of curriculum materials, supplies, equipment and services available anywhere.


Be a partner of this amazing event to be held, May 1-2, 2015!

Christian Ministries Training Association

PO Box 1500

Temple City, California 91780


(626) 286-6492 (888) 900-CMTA


Get to know CMTA, May 1-2, 2015. Join us and bring your staff with you!


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