Now is the time to Promote!

Hey Speakers, Presenters and Exhibitors, now is the time, the time has come, the time is now, for your time to post who you are and what you are doing at CMTA! So, step up and tell the tale to us of who, what, where, when, why and how!

Share on our FaThe Cardcebook and Twitter and we have a new blog, so let your people know what you are speaking on, when and where you will be… Share on your social media and ours so we can cross promote and reach more people for your session!

…feel free to pull info from our website…

We are now in our 63rd year. For decades we were the primer one stop Christian leaders training platform-convention and now we are seeking to make it even better for 2015. We are preparing people for top tier Ministry, For the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Also you can invite your friends and ministry followers with a deal of 1/2 off, that is $45 for a conference that others charge over $400 per person, and ours is better. Use  the promo code, your name or ministry name.


One of our Founders, Robert H. Schuller has passed into Glory

SchullerWe the Board have lost one of our own today. Founding board member, Robert H. Schuller, who was one of the original twelve founders of Regional Sunday School Association, then GLASS, now CMTA. This admin has known him and work with him for many years. He was pivotal to our founding and legacy.

When we first got started, 1951, 64 years ago, our board met and used his offices in his church before he planted what will become The Crystal  Cathedral and then we held our convention at Angelus Temple starting in 1952 with 4,000 attending. We formed a mutual support to help train and equip church leaders to know the Lord, preach the Good News and equip our staff with the best people and resources.

We also worked together to start the Garden Grove Community Church in 1955, As Dr. Schuller rented and later purchased the Orange Drive-In Theatre and conducting services from the roof of the snack bar. As the theater was not used much in the mornings. A brilliant innovation that allowed him to preach his sermons to worshipers in their cars.

CMTA has always been the place of innovation and the spread of the Gospel!

As the congregation grew, he began broadcasting its services through the “Hour of Power,” then to a syndicated TV program broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide. While always remaining committed to CMTA. Unfortunately, the last 10 years, his health did not allow much participation. We will miss his stories and encouragements.