Do you know that you are an ambassador of Christ?


Do not conform to the pattern of this world...” Romans 12

Romans 12:17-21; 1 Corinthians 6:1-8; 2 Corinthians 5:20; Galatians 6:1-5

As Christian leaders, to children, students, education or as a pastor, we are to take seriously the call to be responsible for each other in love and care. When we help each other, even in the midst of conflict, we are helping that person. We need to take seriously the call that our Lord gave us, that we are positioned to be peacemakers in His church and help in the relationship process of all from families, evangelism, even conflict management. In this way our churches can grow and flourish. 

How do I get to be a good ambassador?

There is no substitute for time spent in the face of our Lord, with a surrendered heart and am learning will. We must be willing to be humble no matter who we are and our experience.

To help us get this, consider that there is nothing more significant for us personally in the universe than who we are in Christ. We have a God who is all-knowing, all-loving and has a purpose for you; He knows you more deeply than you can ever imagine. Because of Christ, we have His grace. Thus, we are deeply loved and have meaning. We have redemption and an eternal inheritance. You matter and are complete in Christ. We are a new creation of infinite worth. We are completely forgiven and accepted by God. So, who we are is not what we do to earn a living in this world, it is our identity in Christ. Therefore, we can be a reflection of His redemption (Eph. 3).

When we meet with God, we change. We move beyond ourselves so that our minds and thoughts are based on Christ and Scripture, which the Holy Spirit guides us in. If not, the culture and pleasures of life as well as our fears, doubts, hang-ups, and distractions will compound as Satan and his “evil powers” and “amoral acts” fill us with the worldly sinful temptations that take the place of our meeting with God. Tradition, custom, ritual and rationality can blind and deceive us. All this will synergistically sweep us away from God’s best for us.

To meet with God moves us away from the world’s influence to be the world’s influencer, as our Christian life and purpose! Then we become a great ambassador. Not the crappy car from the 70’s; rather knowing Christ to serve Christ and be contiguous for the faith!


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