How would you introduce CMTA to those who do not know (enough)? 

  • How do you train and equip your church volunteers?
  • One of the largest organizations that train pastors, Christian leaders in church growth, Christian growth, cultural understanding
  • CMTA means Christian Ministries Training Association which …
  • Trains, equips, inspires and encourages people to serve in the Kingdom of God
  • Scope: includes everyone
  • Interdenominational
  • Annual Convention with over 140 quality and relevant workshops and tons of resources
  • Training to work with all age groups
  • We do what others can’t – Train all your ministries in ONE convention!
  • It’s a convention within a convention
  • Be encouraged and equipped to be better at what you do for the kingdom of God
  • Opportunity to gain new strategies to old problems
  • Get answers to the frustration of how to get volunteers
  • God calls us to be trained and equipped.
  • For over 60 years CMTA has some of the best solutions for you and your ministry or church
  • Ask about his/her church’s Christian Education
  • Ask about his/her personal ministry
  • Explain CMTA’s mission
  • Lead to our website ( – Tell them of our various tracks and the kind of workshops and exhibits we’ve had
  • Tell them who we are, what we do, and point them to the website
  • Send a link to pastors and C.E. directors to CMTA website
  • Develop a “target” e-promo to a specific group (eg. Youth workers) with a link to CMTA website
  • I want to introduce you to the greatest convention for equipping church workers. Everything you need to grown your church under  one roof
  • Are you interested in growing your church? CMTA is the place
  • You’ll never find another conference this good for this price-best convention deal ever!
  • It isn’t just for pastors or just for children’s workers – but for the whole church
  • In listening to what they are saying, show how CMTA connects with their need or to their need
  • Give him/her/them an IMPACT Magazine or most recent publicity piece

Present with excitement and confidence:

What you know:  some info above – and ask questions (Sue, Teresa, Marian, etc.) when you need more info

Material to see: Website, IMPACT Magazine, the latest publicity piece

Invitation to come

Listen with care & concern:  How can we help you?  What are your ministry needs?

Relay people’s responses to Sue ( who will relay the info to appropriate person(s).

Can you help us introduce CMTA to those who may not know (enough) about CMTA, who we are and what we do? Such as…. Opportunities to gain new strategies to old problems! And, get answers to the frustration of how to get volunteers!

Remember, God calls us to be trained and equipped!


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